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Adams County Resources

Adams Community Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) – Contact: Beth Waddle, Executive Director, 710 Davis Avenue, Corning, Iowa 50841 (641-322-5229)

ACEDC Revolving Loan Fund – Low-interest loans are available for new and expanding businesses in Adams County. Applications are due the first week of the month. For more information or to receive an application contact Beth Waddle, Executive Director, ACEDC, 710 Davis Avenue, Corning, Iowa 50841-(641-322-5229)

Façade Grant Program – Business owners or property owners located in the Main Street Corning District are eligible to receive grants for 40% (up to $1,000) for façade improvements (windows, awning, signage, painting, etc.) Applications are reviewed monthly. For application contact: Stacie Hull, Main Street Corning Program Manager, Main Street Corning, 710 Davis Ave., Corning, Iowa 50841 (641-322-3243)

Main Street Iowa Design Assistance – Main Street business owners or property owners in the Main Street Corning District may receive complimentary design consulting and services from the design team at Main Street Iowa. Site visits are scheduled statewide through the Main Street Iowa office. For an appointment contact: Stacie Hull, Main Street Corning Program Manager, Main Street Corning, 710 Davis Ave., Corning, Iowa 50841 (641-322-3243)


Cass County Resources

Cass/Atlantic Development Corporation (CADCO) helps new and expanding businesses find resources to meet their specific needs. Contact: Russ Joyce, Executive Director, Cass/Atlantic Development Corp., 14 West 6th St., Atlantic, Iowa 50022, 712-243-2022,

CADCO Site & New Business Task Force works with business owners utilizing Iowa’s Location One Information System (LOIS) to find buildings and land for their operations. The Business Advisory Group is made up of successful business people offering complimentary advice and brainstorming to entrepreneurs. Contact: Russ Joyce, Executive Director, Cass/Atlantic Development Corp., 14 West 6th St., Atlantic, Iowa 50022, 712-243-2022,

Progressive Rural Iowa Development Enterprise (P.R.I.D.E.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and aiding the entrepreneurial spirit. P.R.I.D.E. provides support and networking opportunities for the rural and small town business person, with a focus on building social infrastructure and teaching communities how to support entrepreneurs, as well as work with their existing businesses, to grow wealth. Contact Frank Spillers, 1413 Chestnut Street; Atlantic, Iowa 50022, 712-243-5110, 712-254-1645 – Cell,

RBEG Revolving Loan Fund provides low interest loans to businesses located in Cass County with fewer than 50 employees and gross sales under $1,000,000. Contact: Russ Joyce, Executive Director, Cass/Atlantic Development Corp (CADCO) , 14 West 6th St., Atlantic, Iowa 50022, 712-243-2022.


Fremont County Resources

Fremont County Economic Development Corporation – Contact: Kim Gee, president, Lynda Cruickshank, vice-president, 800 Illinois, P. O. Box 369, Sidney, Iowa 51652.

Sidney Chamber of Commerce, Box 401, Sidney, IA  51652 (712.374.2023)


Montgomery County Resources

Red Oak Industrial Foundation (ROIF) – ROIF’s Contact Committee works to assist local companies as well as new start-ups in putting together financial packages that allow the company to grow while assuring viability and profitability for tomorrow. Contact: George Maher, Executive Director, 307 E. Reed Street, Red Oak, IA 51566 (712-623-2261)

Montgomery County Development Corporation (MCDC) – MCDC services include business start-up and expansion assistance, site location information, finance packaging, state and federal incentive applications, grant writing and revolving loan fund. Contact: George Maher, Executive Director, 307 E. Reed Street, Red Oak, IA 51566 (712-623-2261)

Red Oak Chamber of Commerce – The mission of the Red Oak Chamber of Commerce is to promote the betterment and growth of Red Oak through the coordination of the efforts of our citizens and organizations. Contact: Red Oak Chamber of Commerce, 307 East Reed Street, Red Oak, IA 51566 (712-623-4821)

Red Oak Downtown Urban Renewal Fund – Funding in the amount of $5000 or 25% of total project costs, whichever is less, is available for eligible renovations on properties located within a designated downtown district. Applications are reviewed on a bi-monthly basis. Contact: Angie Stein, Executive Direct, Red Oak Chamber of Commerce 307 East Reed Street, Red Oak, IA 51566 (712-623-4821)

Stanton Area Industrial Foundation – The Stanton Area Industrial Foundation is proud to promote our community and the quality of life that it has to offer. Through speculative housing, lot development and business and industry promotion, we encourage newcomers to join in the spirit of positive growth in our small, but progressive community. The pride displayed in our schools, churches, businesses and organizations is one to be shared. Contact: Mickey Anderson, President, PO Box 1, Stanton, IA 51573,

Villisca Chamber of Commerce –  Contact: Jim Robinson, President,


Page County Resources

City of Shenandoah Revolving Loan Fund – The City of Shenandoah has a revolving loan fund available for new or existing businesses. The maximum loan amount is $40,000 with interest rates at 3% to 4.5%. Contact: Byron Harris, city manager, 500 W. Clarinda Ave., Shenandoah, IA 52632 (712-246-4411)

Clarinda Chamber of Commerce – Contact: Elaine Farwell, executive director, 115 East Main Street, Clarinda, Iowa 51632 (712-542-2166 or

Clarinda Revolving Low Interest Loan Fund – The Clarinda Economic Development Corporation has established a revolving loan fund for small businesses from funds received in a RBEG grant from the USDA.  This fund is designed for new and existing small businesses.

Clarinda Economic Development Corporation – Contact: John Greenwood, executive director, 200 S. 15th Street, Clarinda, Iowa 51632 (712-542-2160)

Shenandoah Chamber & Industry Association – Contact: Gregg Connell, executive director, 100 S. Maple Street, Shenandoah, Iowa 51601 (712-246-3455)


Ringgold County Resources

Ringgold County Development – Ringgold County Development works with businesses to identify local resources to help entrepreneurs and new businesses. Contact: Gwen Trullinger, Development Coordinator, 117 South Filmore, Mt. Ayr., Iowa, 50854 (641-464-3704 or 641-234-0272)

City of Benton – Contact: Robert Haley, Mayor (641-785-2271)

City of Beaconsfield – Contact: Lois Davis, Mayor

City of Diagonal – Contact: Lowell Johnson, Mayor (641-734-5491)

City of Delphos – Contact: Theron Johnson, Mayor (641-785-2358)

City of Ellston – Contact: Raymond Derscheid, Mayor (641-772-4486)

City of Kellerton – Contact: Judd Bowen, Mayor (641-783-2321),

City of Redding – Contact: Dan Quick, Mayor (641-767-5255)

City of Tingley – Contact: Karen Pettinger, Mayor (641-772-4436) k/

Taylor County Resources

Bedford Area Development Center – The Bedford Area Development Center provides relocation packets for those moving to the area and is the connection with the Main Street Iowa Program for businesses in the county.  The Center is also the place to get information on regional resources for business start-ups, housing programs, local organizations and are events. Contact: Deann Hensley, Executive Director, 601 Madison Ave., Bedford, IA 50833 (712-523-3637)

Lenox Chamber of Commerce Contact: Michelle Tullberg, Lenox, IA 50851 (641-333-4272)

Lenox Development Corporation – Contact: Bill Henderson, (641-336-2395)