Southwest Iowa

The eight-county Southwest Iowa Coalition is home to more than 78,704 citizens with a median annual household income of $33,531 and nearly 10 percent earn greater than $75,000 annually. With a low cost of living and an older population ( median age for the region is 41), there is untapped disposable income for the right business ideas.

Retail sales per capita are at $7,053 spent at the over 450 shops, restaurants and commercial franchise stores spread across the region.

Competitively priced utilities are delivered by combination of rural, municipal and investor owned companies. Telecommunication services are also delivered by a combination of independent, public, private and investor owned carriers with broadband capabilities in almost every municipality and most rural areas.

Highway transportation needs are met through the various U.S. Highways that crisscross the region including highways 2, 6, 34, 48, 59, 71. No community is more than an hour away from at least one of the many Interstates highways (I-29, I-80 and I-35) that either border or cross through the region. This transportation infrastructure makes Omaha, Kansas City and Des Moines accessible by car in about two hours or less. There are four regional airports in the area with full pilot amenities. Rail is provided by the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe through main and branch lines that filter throughout these counties with an Amtrak station within an hour’s drive of any of the regions municipalities.